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Business Resources

Whether you are a coach, freelancer, virtual assistant, social media manager, blogger or business owner, this huge list of resources will help you grow.

I only recommend and list here tools, resources and courses that I have personally used and absolutely LOVE.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links on my website are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Social Media Resources

Scheduling content, researching hashtags, creating amazing content? This list of resources will help you do all of that and more!

Tailwind is by far the best and most popular scheduling tool for Pinterest. If you are looking to up your Pinterest marketing strategy and you aren’t using Tailwind yet, you really need to be!

They’ve also been majorly improving their Instagram scheduling tool, too.

Ivory Mix:
Ivory Mix has some of the most beautiful stock photography images that you can use for social media or branding your content.

The best app if you are managing multiple client accounts. Their prices for multiple accounts seem to be the most affordable and I love how easy to use their interface is.

Buffer is another social media scheduling option. Everyone has their favorite so test some out to see which one you prefer!

I love Planoly for planning my own personal Instagram and would do all my client work here too if they had cheaper bulk account options for management! Their interface is so visual and easy to use.

Pink Pom Pom Social:
An awesome program if you need help with social media content for your small business! Brought to you by Jen, a graphic designer, and Brandi, a photographer.

Pixi Stock is another photo subscription service that I have a lifetime membership for and it was one of the best business investments!

Styled Stock Society:
SSS has some of the most beautiful and feminine stock photography images. You’ll probably have noticed a few of them around my website and blog posts.

Haute Stock:
HS has so many beautiful feminine images for use on social media or in your blog posts. I love all of their entrepreneur and computer style flatlay photos!

Blogging & Website Resources

Thinking of starting or growing a for profit blog? This list of resources will help you and is well worth the investment in yourself, your business and your goals.

Bluechic WordPress Themes
The WordPress themes by Bluechic are absolutely amazing. Whether you are building an e-commerce store or are a service provider, they have the most beautiful and feminine options to create a stunning website very quickly! 

I’m personally using their ChicServe WordPress theme on my site and am in LOVE with it.

I’ve been designing websites for over 20 years (wow, I feel old typing that but it’s true, I had my first website at age 12). I’ve tried and been through a lot of website hosting providers and Bluehost is awesome! Their customer service is amazing and I love their interface when setting up multiple sites or even installing WordPress so quickly & easily.

Boost Your Blog Traffic E-book
This amazing e-book is written by Anna, from The She Approach who is a professional blogger that knows what she is doing. This e-book is packed full of 100 packages of information on increasing your blog traffic the right way. It’s definitely not a fluff piece and well worth the investment if professional blogging is your goal. Also, her Affiliate Programs Masterlist has helped me tremendously when I first started blogging.

She also has a free course, Start a Money-Making Blog, that you can check out, too!

Get Paid to Pin: 
Another amazingly successful blogger that has put out some really helpful resources is Dale from Blogging Her Way. If you are interested in further your affiliate marketing knowledge through Pinterest and Amazon her 2 offerings will definitely help you with that:

Get Paid to Pin – affiliate marketing guide for Pinterest

Amazon Affiliate Affluence – how to master Amazon’s affiliate program

Smart Blogger Planner: 
I am seriously so in love with this digital blog planner. It’s customizable, and has so many features that bloggers need to keep themselves organized.

It’s literally a goal planner, content calendar, affiliate tracker, and marketing side-kick in one!


Every blogger should be using Grammarly to make sure they are writing properly. Even the best writers in the world make some mistakes, and Grammarly is there to catch them for your before you hit publish!

WP Forms:

If you have a lot of forms on your website or have clients submit forms, I definitely recommend WP Forms Pro. I purchased the Pro version and LOVE it!

Elementor Pro:

If you have a WordPress site and want beautiful design, Elementor Pro is an awesome investment. You can easily drag and drop so many elements or pre-built blocks on your website’s content and pages. So easy to use!

Small Business Tools

A huge list of amazing resources and tools for small business owners of all kinds.

Flourish at Artisan Indie:
If you are a handmade business owner or Etsy seller, there is no better community or business resource out there for you! Flourish at Artisan Indie provides a team of highly vetted experts to help you grow your handmade business and find success. From Etsy, SEO, Mindset, Amazon Handmade, Photography, Marketing, Social Media, they have experts on every topic you need for an online business.

My go to choice for email marketing is ConvertKit. You can manage your subscribers and nurture your list easily, and you have more control over how your email newsletters look.

Some people prefer Trello, but I absolutely LOVE Asana. I literally plan my entire life and all my client work using Asana! If it seems overwhelming, here is a great Asana course from Paper + Spark, specifically for small business owners that can really help you get organized.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle:
If you struggle with productivity and time management as an entrepreneur, The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is packed so full of amazing resources. It’s such a huge value for all of the info and resources provided!

Pinterest with Ell
If you are looking to grow your blog or business using Pinterest, this course is the most to the point and strategic one ever. It’s only $32 and is worth it’s weight in gold, plus no fluff content just taking up space. Ell is amazing at blogging and using Pinterest effectively.

Virtual Assistant & Freelancer Specific Tools

A huge list of amazing resources and tools for virtual assistants and freelancers.

Dubsado allows you to easily manage your clients, send proposals, contracts, invoices and receive payments. There are a ton of extra features too, like client portals and workflows that you can set up to help automate your business and save some time!

The SavvyVault:
I can’t recommend the SavvyVault course enough for anyone looking to become a virtual assistant. This course is packed full of technical courses all within one so that you can increase your skills, offer your customers more value, and charge more while doing it! 

I don’t think I would have found such quick success if I hadn’t joined this course pretty early on in my virtual assistant career.

Introvert Studios:
Need some Canva graphic design templates that you can use for client work? Introvert Studios offers customizable Canva templates for e-books, reports, Pinterest pin designs, Facebook page headers and so much more. If you are a VA, Pinterest Manager or Social Media Manager who struggles with graphic design for your clients, this is what you need!

Become a Pinterest VA:
If you are looking to build a Pinterest VA business, this is the course for you! I’ve remained a member and gained my investment back within days. You can read my full review of this course here.

Other Tools and Resources

For everything else that doesn't fit into another category!

I recommend Canva Pro for any online business owner. It’s an amazing tool for creating beautiful graphics quite easily and it’s not expensive, just $12.95 per month!

LifePlanner from Erin Condren:
I love Asana as a digital planning tool, but I still love putting pen to paper and having a really good planner I can carry with me at all times. Plus, planner stickers, anyone? The LifePlanner is definitely my choice for a physical planner!

Place It:
An awesome tool for creating gorgeous mockups (like the ones on this page!) and video related content. Definitely worth the $14.95 monthly fee.

Creative Market:
If you’re looking for specific design elements, fonts or graphics, you can find some really great options from artists on Creative Market. Make sure to read the usage license!

One of, if the not THE best SEO and keyword research tool. It does come at a cost though and starts at $99 per month.

Another awesome SEO tool for keyword research, website analysis and rank tracking. It’s a little bit of a cheaper option but has most of the same bells and whistles as SEMRush, depending on what you need it for.

I can’t list SEO tools without mentioning Ahrefs. It is an awesome tool with a lot of data and information when doing optimization and keyword research, but again, it’s quite costly for an average entrepreneur.

Answer the Public:
When you are struggling to come up with content for social media or your blog, Answer the Public can help! Find out what people are asking about on a certain topic and find other relevant questions or ideas to write about.

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