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Pinterest Marketing and Monthly Management

Want to increase your sales, leads, clients, audience and traffic from Pinterest? I focus on the stats that count when it comes to Pinterest Marketing for creative entrepreneurs.

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I help creative entrepreneurs and bloggers grow their traffic through Pinterest by using a unique content strategy, search engine optimization, and beautiful pin design. I have been an online entrepreneur since 2007 and have a background in marketing and e-commerce which allows me to utilize Pinterest as a marketing tool.

I transitioned to a full-time Pinterest Manager in 2016 and have helped over 100+ clients with their Pinterest marketing and content marketing strategy. My focus on Pinterest Marketing is on your goals – whether that is brand awareness, website traffic, or sales. I don’t focus on the unimportant numbers or metrics.

Pinterest Marketing

The audience on Pinterest is huge and valuable – these users want to shop! They want to discover new content and new products! Pinterest can work for almost any entrepreneur or small business, it’s just a matter of making the right pin designs that convert to clicks, connecting with your target audience, and using the right keywords in order to be found.

322 million active users






Tara has managed our Pinterest account and helped us create beautiful new pin designs for over a year. She incorporated our systems and styles and made management completely hands off for our team (a huge win!) She also helped us increase click-through rates and consistently stays on top of algorithm changes and new strategies. Tara is awesome and I highly recommend working with her!

Monthly Management

basic management package

Who is it for? An entrepreneur who doesn’t have the time to use Pinterest effectively but doesn’t have a huge amount of content to share.

$349 USD per month

pro management package

Who is it for? An entrepreneur or blogger who publishes regular new products, services, or content and knows that Pinterest can work for them.

$675 USD per month

deluxe management package

Who is it for? An entrepreneur or blogger who truly wants to make the most out of Pinterest, and has a lot of content to promote.

$850 USD per month

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Tara’s marketing and business coaching skills are truly phenomenal – for example, she quickly identified potential problems in my Amazon Seller account and my marketing strategy. She also came up with timely and relevant solutions to those problems. Tara is very fast, responsive, detail-oriented, and thorough. She has a quiet strength and integrity that shines through all her work!

Other Pinterest

pinterest account setup

If you are new to Pinterest and your account needs some TLC, the Pinterest Set Up package will help get your account optimized and in great shape to start monthly management and scheduling. Pinterest is a search engine so making sure your account profile and boards are optimized from the start is important.

$349 USD

tailwind account setup

Tailwind is an amazing tool for Pinterest Management, and if you haven’t used Tailwind before, the setup package will get your Tailwind account completely set up and running for you! A Tailwind account and subscription are required to be purchased by the client.

$249 USD

pinterest account audit

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while and just aren’t seeing the results you would like, a Pinterest account review and audit might be just the thing you need! You will receive a PDF report full of detailed information and review specific to your account and brand. You will be provided with actionable steps to get your account moving in the right direction!

$299 USD

promoted pin campaigns

Who is it for? Any entrepreneur who wants to really dedicate their time and marketing budget into Pinterest Marketing campaigns. This is a monthly marketing and monitoring service for campaigns.

$895 USD per month

Pin Design
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