How to Succeed as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

When you hear the words “Multipassionate Entrepreneur” – to some it means a lack of focus but to me, it means a person who embraces all possibilities and follows their heart and mind to the best opportunities!

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Now, this can look very different from one person to the next, but usually being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur means that you have taken the time to streamline your favorite ideas into a cohesive message that can satiate your passionate need for diversity but also flow together as to allow you the time to succeed at each opportunity.

So now the question is, how do you succeed as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur without appearing like you have no focus. Let’s see if we can simplify this idea to three easy steps.

How to Succeed as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur


To start with, to take a page from a multi-passionate queen Jenna Kutcher, start by choosing to work on one passion piece at a time. By putting the focus into one area first, you are going to create a systemized flow that will provide you with the results to be able to continue to expand. Like shampooing, Rince, Lather and Repeat – Focus, Systemize and Expand… just that easy.


Also, when you are looking to fine-tune your passions, try to find a link between each idea. Usually, that link is finding a link between your target audience – this will not only encourage you to do the steps mentioned before (Focus, Systemize and Expand) but also it will allow you to keep your messaging something that is as easy as breathing – otherwise why are you doing it?


Prioritize…Prioritize…Prioritize. This is essential. You cannot focus on a Launch at the same time as you focus on a podcast episode and try to book your flight and accommodations for your next speaking engagement. As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, you may feel like you are squirrel flitting from place to place trying to build a winter nesting of food. But unless you create a method of priority and do one thing at a time, you will never get it done.

As they say, it takes a village to raise a child – but it takes priority to ensure your business succeeds. We all can’t do everything all the time – it is completely unreasonable to think otherwise.

Now, being multi-passionate is a blessing to be sure! You cannot begin to realize how much you appreciate it as it allows you to maintain a freshness in your business model, in your personal life and prevents your ideas from becoming stagnant. However, you need to make sure that you implement these few starter tips, then you most certainly will succeed. But it does take constant diligence so that nothing slips through the cracks as you work from idea to idea.

Just remember – there is no wrong way to do this, but there are ways and people out there to help you as you work through it all – people who can better assist you in your focus, systems, and priorities. Don’t forget you don’t have to be a One-Person Show. You can develop a Tribe around you to help – that is also a very important step to consider – a BONUS STEP if you will!

How to Succeed as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur




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